Review of Current IT Provision

By ensuring you have the correct mix of equipment, software, internal staff and external suppliers you can be certain that your IT provision will give you the best value for money.

Very few businesses can boast that their current IT provision was pre-planned. For most people, the mix of equipment, software, staff and external suppliers have developed over time. This can lead to poor value for money for the business.

NLDC can evaluate what is currently in place and identify what is needed to allow the business to fulfil its business plan. Using our expertise, we can identify whether new technologies would save equipment and software costs, whether staff need more training or are over skilled, whether a different mix of suppliers would result in improved service and/or lower costs etc.

The list of possible improvements can seem endless, but you can be assured that NLDC is able to design a solution that will be right for the future of your business and ensure that your IT provision supports your business success.

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“NLDC’s wide ranging areas of expertise means they are able to add value to any business with the innovative use of technology. I have found them to be strong on ideas, very good value for money and always able to deliver beyond expectations.”

IT Manager – Law Firm, Stockport