Cloud Computing

“Cloud” is the current buzz word in IT. For some businesses cloud computing would be ideal, for others it would be completely wrong. NLDC is here to make sure you make the right choice for your business.


In common with most changes in the IT world, Cloud Computing has been massively over-hyped. Essentially Cloud Computing does two things, it changes the way you pay for your IT provision and physically moves your data and equipment off site.

In the traditional on-site IT model, you would purchase your hardware and software with one lump sum capital investment. With Cloud Computing you pay per user, per month, forever. With an on-site solution, you can walk into your computer room and see, touch and manage the equipment you have paid for. With Cloud Computing, you cannot do this as your data and the equipment it runs on could be anywhere in the world.

Perhaps the most important thing to bear in mind is that moving to a Cloud Computing platform is as near to a permanent change as you can make. Once you have surrendered your existing licences and used your computer room for something else, the cost of reinstating an on-site solution will be significant. This doesn’t mean Cloud Computing is a bad choice, far from it, but for this reason, if for no other, you have to make sure that it is the right solution for your business.

Cloud based solutions offer significant benefits, but they also carry intrinsic risks. The key challenge is to ensure that you select the correct mix of on-site and cloud based services for your business.

NLDC will happily guide you through this process to ensure that your next IT change, whether to the Cloud or not, is as informed and as risk free as possible.


“The scale and complexity of this project was daunting. However, we were confident that NLDC were up to the challenge and could deliver. We are extremely pleased with the solution and the way it was implemented. Indeed, not only was this project a success technically, it was also delivered on time and on budget.”

Financial Director – Law Firm, Manchester City Centre