Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery (DR) plans are required by most businesses. They need to be both useful and cost effective.

A DR Plan is often a requirement of industry regulators, insurance companies and/or clients. Having a DR Plan won’t stop a disaster from happening but it will ensure that you can recover from it. An often quoted statistic is that 80% of those businesses that suffer disasters affecting their data cease trading within 18 months.

DR planning can be very costly when considered in isolation. For this reason NLDC considers DR and Business Continuity (BC) together. BC planning is quite straightforward if it is considered at the correct stage. BC in its simplest form means removing single points of failure. All business grade servers and most enterprise level telephone systems will allow a cost effective BC configuration.

Integrating your DR/BC plan into your purchasing decisions means that you will minimise downtime caused by component failure. Given that component failure, when unresolved, can result in your business being unable to operate for an extended period of time, this is a worthwhile expense.

Effective DR planning covers much more than IT. Obviously, the business isn’t just comprised of its IT systems. Providing cover for key personnel and considering the viability of your key suppliers and other external factors are all important.

When NLDC develops a DR/BC plan we use a common sense, pragmatic framework that covers the whole business, not just IT. This way, you can be assured that the end result will be a fully implemented plan at a sensible cost.

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