Contract Reviews

Contract Reviews, whether for new work or at renewal, are sensible for any business. A small project can have a big impact. It is therefore imperative to ensure that the impact is positive.

When low cost systems are being implemented, there is a tendency not to scrutinise the details. However, small scale projects, such as a website or inter-site links, can have a significant impact on the business overall. It therefore makes sense for contracts such as these to be reviewed as you would review the contracts for larger scale projects.

NLDC has saved clients £1,000s by reviewing on-going or new contracts and removing significant expense. Typically, savings are made because a particular service or level of cover is not appropriate. In other instances we have highlighted where key parts of the client’s system have inadequate cover. Both these circumstances leave the client in a far better position afterwards.

A key point to remember is that the cost difference between a good system/supplier and a poor system/supplier is rarely significant. Therefore you still need to ensure that the contracts are being reviewed with the necessary background knowledge. This is the only way that informed decisions can be made.

Please do not hesitate to contact NLDC to discuss any contracts or service agreements you have that could benefit from being reviewed.