Communication is the lifeblood of every business. Using the right technology is therefore imperative. Getting the most out of your communications can mean the difference between a good business and a great business.

In today’s business world, telecommunications affect almost everything we do. Having an effective telecommunication environment is key to any successful business. This can range from selecting the correct telephone system to having reliable inter-site and internet links. Significant improvement could well be possible by getting more out of an existing system. As ever though, attempting to negotiate this minefield without expert knowledge can result in expensive mistakes.

There are many different aspects to telecommunications that all need to be considered. When looking at inter-site or internet links, it is important to know not only how much data traffic will use these links, but also what type of data will use the links. Video and voice data need to be handled differently to “normal” data. An equally important consideration is how reliant you are on these links and how resilient they have to be.

When looking at voice communications, it is necessary to understand not only what the current usage is in terms of the number of lines and extensions, but also what features may be needed in the future. Will there be requirements for call recording and call statistics, home working, hot-desking, mobile phone linking, centralised switchboard and business continuity and should any or all of these features be delivered on-site or “in the cloud”. The list of options can be endless, but it is very important to identify the features that are needed now and may be needed in the future in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

NLDC can guide you through these requirements to ensure your communication needs are fully met both today and tomorrow without unnecessary expense.

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